About Untied Laser Artists

     UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. was founded by electro-optics specialist Eduardo Capriles in 1994 after years of working in the laser repair and laser display entertainment business. Originally the company performed laser show demonstrations for private parties, special events, and trendy nightclubs.

           The superior quality of our shows got the attention of world-class promoters, cruise line executives, and touring concert artists. At the turn of the Millennium, the company acquired certification from the Center for Devices and Radio logical Health CDRH and the Food and Drug Administration FDA with an approved variance as a manufacturer and user of electronic devices incorporating laser components. The company started performing shows in Miami and we have grown to incorporate larger and larger audiences all over the world that include corporate theater, special events, trade shows, arenas, and cruise ships, theme parks, several architectural lighting projects & more.

         Our team is a group of highly talented technicians, computer programmers, and artists. Our laser display presentations have dazzled thousands of spectators taking them through a magical and exciting ride! We often meet and surpass our client’s expectations producing dynamic and memorable shows.

"High tech science and artistic creativity are our driven forces"

President and CEO United Laser Artists

Electro-optical Specialist / Laserist / Programmer / Cinematographer.

U.L.A. President, CEO  Eduardo Capriles