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        We employ a diverse range of lasers, including full-color RGB lasers with varying power outputs ranging from 1 watt to 30 watts of optical power. With an extensive background spanning over 30 years in the laser entertainment industry, our company showcases a deep passion for lasers. We thrive on artistic creativity and excel in cutting-edge optical sciences.

      A laser light show is a captivating form of entertainment that harnesses laser lights to create mesmerizing visual displays synchronized with music or other audio. These extraordinary shows find applications in a multitude of settings, from concert venues and theme parks to special events. Our expert operators skillfully direct powerful laser projectors, forming beams and intricate patterns of light that harmonize seamlessly with the accompanying audio. These stunning beams can be directed at various surfaces such as walls and buildings, resulting in dynamic moving designs and patterns. Alternatively, they can be aimed within an event space or towards the sky in outdoor venues, producing a breathtaking spectacle of light and color. Complementing the lasers, additional technologies such as fog machines and water screens are often utilized to heighten the visual effects. The unique impact delivered by lasers sets them apart; no other lighting solution can match their prowess.

The laser aesthetic possesses an unparalleled, inspiring, and futuristic quality that seamlessly adapts to the architecture of any venue."


Why use Lasers

      Utilizing lasers in entertainment offers numerous advantages

1-. Brightness and Color: Lasers possess the ability to generate exceptionally vibrant and deeply saturated colors that remain visible even from great distances, making them an ideal choice for expansive shows and outdoor events. 

2-. Precision: Laser beams can be meticulously controlled and directed, enabling the creation of intricate patterns, designs, and animations with utmost precision.

3-. Flexibility: Laser technology seamlessly integrates into a wide array of settings and can be effortlessly incorporated into other forms of entertainment, such as music and dance performances.

4-. Durability: Laser systems are renowned for their robustness and extended lifespan, rendering them a reliable and cost-effective solution for entertainment venues and shows.

5-. Safety: When employed with appropriate precautions and adherence to safety guidelines, laser shows can be executed with minimal risk to both the audience and operators. 6-. Cost-effectiveness: Advancements in technology have contributed to a decline in the cost of laser equipment and accessories, making them more accessible to small and medium-sized entertainment companies.

7-. Creativity: Lasers offer an extensive range of creative possibilities, allowing for the development of unique and visually captivating shows that are unattainable with alternative lighting and special effects techniques.

       No other light source can rival the sophisticated visual effects uniquely achievable with lasers, offering a dynamic impact and cost-effective means to convey your vision or message. Lasers possess the capacity to enhance the presentation of a product or performer, creating maximum impact. Aerial beams, cones, waves, and other 3D holographic-effects gracefully evolve, move, and transform into intricate shapes above the audience. Complemented by theatrical fog, lasers create an illusion of levitation in any desired direction.

        Furthermore, lasers can project text messages and dynamic CGI graphics, effectively delivering narratives, messages, and captivating audiences with brilliant and intricate visual art. "Capture the audience's immediate attention." Lasers seamlessly adapt to any venue, transforming the architectural elements of stages or buildings into an alternate dimension adorned with multicolored, coherent light beams.

Our Laser Technology is "State of the Art"

         In the past, the utilization of lasers was intricate and expensive, primarily limited to large-scale productions. However, years of extensive research in the fields of optics, lasers, and computer graphics have led to the development of compact, efficient, and highly affordable laser projection systems. These systems are now available for purchase or as temporary show rentals. The revolutionary technology of Pure Diode RGB laser technology refers to the utilization of individual red, green, and blue laser diodes to create a comprehensive and vibrant color spectrum in laser displays.

       Traditionally, laser light shows relied on gas-based laser systems such as Argon, Krypton, or a combination of gases to achieve full-color effects. These systems employed a single laser source to produce red, green, or full-color laser emissions within the visible spectrum. To generate a full-color display, multiple lasers of different colors were often required, necessitating intricate optical paths and resulting in expensive and labor-intensive processes. However, the recent advancements in Pure Diode and OPSL diode RGB laser technology have transformed this landscape. A single unit equipped with these technologies can now generate a vast range of colors using just the three primary colors, providing enhanced flexibility and precise control over the color and brightness of the laser display.


        Pure Diode RGB lasers find wide-ranging applications, including stage and event laser displays, laser projections for theme parks and attractions, architectural design, mapping, and video projection. The lasers employed by UNITED LASER are compact and lightweight, facilitating easier transportation and setup for shows.

It is important to note that while Pure Diode RGB technology offers significant advantages, there are certain limitations and considerations to bear in mind. The quality of laser beam divergence, resulting from the blending of Red, Blue, and Green diode-based laser emissions, may have some constraints within the optical housing, requiring a high-cost, low-maintenance system for optimal electro-optical efficiency. Additionally, skilled operators or laserists trained in the safe use and operation of laser systems are essential.

FDA Licensed

         United Laser operates in accordance with regulatory safety standards to produce high-quality laser shows for temporary or permanent installations. In addition, we provide laser equipment sales, rentals, and complete laser system service, and repairs.


         We are licensed by the US FDA and CDRH as manufacturers of Class IV High power lasers in compliance with US regulations for safety and legal laser display use. Our company has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the laser entertainment business beginning in nightclubs and corporate theaters and steadily using larger and bigger locations. United Laser is ready to take any creative challenge only limited by imagination and regulatory compliance for legal use within the US standards for safety standards.    

        We only perform safe and legal laser shows that are inspiring and truly spectacular in any venue of any size. If you want to hit it out of the ballpark with lasers, there is only one way to do it, the right way, in accordance with US regulatory compliance.    


Sports, weddings and private special events coverage in UHD Ultra High Definition, 4K, 6K, Drones Imagery.


 UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. currently holds FDA license as a user and manufacturer of electronic devices incorporating laser  systems in compliance with regulations for safety and legal use in the U.S.

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