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        UNITED LASER ARTISTS, INC. is a leading professional laser light show company based in Miami Beach.

Our team of dedicated laser display specialists and artists have been producing laser shows since 1986.

We specialize in the production of  sophisticated laser light shows for a wide range of special events including, Rock concerts, corporate theater, civic events, grand opening celebrations, cruise ships, casinos, introduction of new products into commerce, special effects for Cinema & custom architectural lighting.   

       The word LASER is an acronym that stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation"

The unique physical properties of coherent laser lighting produces laser beams of high intensity and color purity that travel forward always in focus even over vast distances, keeping the laser beam tight unly is stopped by a physical objects such as projection screens, building walls or dissipation of laser beams by atmospheric conditions such as clouds.  Outdoor laser shows have dazzle audiences all over the world with maximum impact, with a similar wow effect as those created by the magnificence of a monumental firework display.   Get the audience attention instantly, communicate your message in a cost effective manner!

UNITED LASER is an official dealer for all award winning laser show controller software

by Pangolin Laser Technologies; QuickShow,  Beyond, Depend laser mapping controller and laser optics.

We use State of the Art diode based RGB full color vector and raster scanning laser projection systems.

        Experience the futuristic sophistication of pure laser lighting and its artistic applications in the entertainment industry.   Our full color laser technology has no parallel; no other light source or video projection is capable of producing the stunning visual effects that only lasers are capable of producing.  Laser light is "coherent light"; that means that laser light is always tight and concentrated moving forwards as a military marching band, in contrast, conventional lighting spreads in all different directions as an audience leaving a movie theater.   No other source of lighting delivers the high intensity and color purity of laser beams that remain in sharp focus even over vast distances making it ideal to get the attention of large audiences instantly, delivering your message or branding in a cost effective manner with great impact.  The "WOW" Laser effect, is similar in impact to a monumental firework display.  When lasers are properly introduced into a lighting production using the appropriate soundtrack, and with the timing precision required by a choreographed theatrical production, the effect is always successful in delivering a great impact into the audience.     

We thrive in delivering the element of surprise to an unsuspecting audience, thus creating a memorable event!   

                                            "A SAFE SHOW IS ALWAYS A SUCCESSFUL SHOW" 

 Be aware of inexperienced and unlicensed  laser lighting companies that aim lasers into the audience trying to impress a client without proper optical restrictions or in compliance with FDA regulatory safety standards

The U.S. FDA laser safety standards are there for a reason.  Lasers are beautiful and interesting to look at, but they can potentially be harmful to the human eye.  Lasers not only carry photons of light, but also carry energy in the form of heat,  for example; in the same way that you can burn paper by concentrating sunlight using a magnifying glass, in the same way, lasers of optical power levels above 5 milliwatts, when enter the human eye, the cornea acts like a lens focusing the laser beam into a microscopic beam dot that can burn the eye's retina in a millisecond and can potentially produce serious permanent blind spots in human vision.

       In the past, the use of lasers was complex and expensive, reserved only for big budget productions.  But years of experience in the field of lasers, optics, computers and vector controllers software has enable us to offer our client compact, safe and affordable laser projection systems.   Our superior laser technology makes previously complicated laser networking installations easy to use by incorporating advanced, award winning laser controller software, that control each beam of laser light with pinpoint accuracy and in compliance with the FDA standards for safety.  We us safety redundant technology in our laser projection systems for ease of use and safety.

Laser effects have no parallel, no source of other lighting delivers the high intensity and pure RGB laser colors.

In addition, lasers can be display as computer aid CGI Graphics capable of communicating a corporate logo, custom messages, branding,  or futuristic story telling.  Laser capturing the attention of an audience instantly. 

 Consider the dynamic visual sophistication and elegance of laser lighting for your next event.

         Please call us and share your ideas for your next event, our team of laser display specialists we'll be glad to make suggestions about how to best incorporate lasers into your presentation and make your vision a successful reality!



Display your corporate logo or animated text messages with a futuristic look.

Animated CGI Computer-aid graphics using State of the Art laser controller software.

 Laser Mapping and Architectural Laser Displays.

Trade shows and conventions futuristic laser lighting

Our team often uses other  form of multimedia such as CGI computer video graphics displayed by modular LED walls,  to  complimenting the unique futuristic look that only lasers are capable of producing!   

In the past, the use of lasers was complex and extremely expensive, reserved only for big budget productions, but years of experience in the field of electro-optics optics, cinematography, computer software and appreciation for fine visual arts set us apart from all other laser light show companies, our artistic approach to lighting is the combination of hi-tech science, sound engineering, music and artistic creativity, and we have the benefit of being involved with passion in the entertainment business with over for over 35 years experience and in internationally.

Laser Technology R & D.  New applications of laser lighting for the entertainment industry.

The ILDA standard laser projection system  (International Laser Display Association) 

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